Monday, March 1, 2010


This is Melayra, my fairy. She is talented, just like me. She lived in Fairy Village, but it was destroyed by Theroys, a type of monster. They hate fairies. I rescued her from the Theroys. Melayra is a garden fairy. She makes gardens very dazzling. She has a pet chizzo named Miny. Chizzos are really small. I'm glad I rescued her and she is safe from the Theroys. She is the best fairy I could ever have met in Fairy Village. She is a fairy princess that lived in the prettiest part of Fairy Village before it was destroyed, but she's safe. In the world of fairies, Melayra is also the queen of love. They say she is the daughter of Cupid.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

My Cat, Rose Belle

This is Rose Belle, my pet cat. She is a super hero. Her super hero name is "Fashion Cat". She is two. She is only a kitten. She has lots of clothes. She is a wonderful cat. I'm glad I picked her. All of the other kittens weren't nice to Rose Belle. She saved 9,999 people in the entire world. She has lots of friends. Her best friend is a dog, Fireball. Her favorite type of fabric is green plaid on a red background, with a matching beret. Her favorite thing to do is go on fashion trips around the world. Her longest tour, so far, is about three years. Surprising for such a cute kitten, she knows Kung Fu and Karate. Her favorite background is a starry night. Her favorite plaid outfit looks good with the yellow starts. The first time she used her powers it was amazing! Someone just stole the most precious diamond in the world. She caught the thief with her laser vision, claw scrape, and Kung Fu. His name is Carlos. He was very sad but we were very happy.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Pretty Pet Horse

You are looking at a picture of one of the rarest of all imaginary friends. Her name is Soara. She is a blue unicorn with red wings, with a different color of blue sparkles. She is a wonderful horse. I found Soara on the top of a hill with a broken wing. She was very sad because she lost her mother and father. Her family was attacked by hunters, whose kids wanted a rare type of animal. She escaped even though her parents were captured. Soara has been on many adventures. She helps me on my rescue missions, but that's another story. Inside of her stable, I have some other magical creatures. Kayla is a red unicorn with blue wings and she is Soara's best friend. She has a different life. Kayla goes in races, but Soara goes on adventures. The best adventure she went on was rescuing Lilly, a bullfrog. We always check for danger. In the picture she just soared to the top of my hill I live on (see story of my kids)and now she is walking to my house. Her friend isn't there. She is still in the stable where I keep my other animals. Soara is wonderful to me. She let's me ride on her more than I can ever say. All of my imaginary friends are great but Soara is the best.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lizzy Pet

Lizzy is my pet snake, just like the pet dog, Jewelia. In the picture she is visiting me and is going up the hill with her favorite fan to go Spanish dancing. She is a cobra, and she is a pretty neat one. She uses that fan, not just for Spanish dancing, but for Kung Fu too. She is my very best pal in everything imaginary. She loves to be in the forest, because that's where I usually am. I found her when she was just a cobra egg. A poacher was trying to steal it, along with her brothers and sisters. She was the most important, because she was hatched late. We tried our best to make her nice and it worked. She loves to go to Egypt and India with me to do snake charming. We are the best pals in the whole world. She has the biggest fangs in her family, even though she is the youngest of her brothers and sisters. She just hatched three babies, and adopted a rattlesnake for a daughter, Zelinda. Zelinda is blue and is nice to everyone except enemies. Even though she is only two years old, she is really tough and looks out for her mommy. Once, they killed a buffalo working together. They are a great team. I know they are. I have never seen them disagree, and I hope they never do. They both know Kung Fu, have the same talents, and love to do snake charming together. They are both learning Viper style, in Kung Fu. They are never separated, not since the adoption, even though the rattlesnake adoption center was trying to keep them apart. I had to use my own Kung Fu to get Lizzy out of a cage and Zelinda struck her first victim, the people who were trying to keep them apart. It's really fun having them both together, and everyone knows we're heroes.

My Kids

This is a picture of me, Logan, Thomas, and Jonathan at our cabin.

I am actually only six years old, so what you are about to read is just in my imagination. I have three kids, two boys and one girl. The girl's name is Logan; she is four years old and she is the greatest kid out of them all. Thomas and Jonathan are three-year-old twins. Jonathan has less listening and more not listening, but he has been listening for about ten weeks now. The other boy, you already know his name, is the opposite, more listening and less not listening. My kids took a special preschool class so they are grown up enough to have jobs. They work at my aquarium on the top of smallest Sierra Nevada mountain. They help me out with all of the fish and other animals that live there. Thomas is on the rescue mission team. He helps get new animals at the aquarium. Logan is a tour guide. She answers questions with my sister. Jonathan has a special job. He helps feed the sharks and other dangerous animals at the aquarium. He dives in and feeds them by hand. I am the owner. We live in the billion-tree forest of my imagination land. The boys hunt and Logan helped build our cabin. Now that the house building is all done, Logan helps keep the fire going. In her kindergarten class she learned how to not burn her hands and to keep fire going. She has special gloves and moves around the logs and keeps putting paper in. She knows how to use matches and keeps lighting every five minutes. She uses matches the old Pilgrim way with rocks and sticks. She uses long sticks so she doesn't burn her hand. Our family is great.


Jewelia is my kind imaginary dog. Her birthday is January 2nd and she is four years old. She helps me solve imagination mysteries. Her nickname is "Jewels" but she is not the normal color of a dalmatian. She is a sparkly dalmatian that is colorful.Her colors are blue sparkles with pink polka dots on her purple fur. I always bring her with me to help solve any mysteries I find. She loves playing fetch and playing with other dogs, but sometimes she has a little bit of a temper problem. Her temper problem comes up when there is a mean dog around and she wants to protect. She might hurt someone by accident. Like, once she hurt my girl (see "My Kids") with her paw, but most of the time she is a kind loving dog.

How to make an imaginary friend....

The first thing you need to know about imaginary friends is that they can be however you want. No one can tell you what they have to look like. It's your idea. You can also keep people from movies as imagination friends.

Materials needed: a great imagination
Step 1: Use your great imagination to make up a new friend in your mind.
Step 2: Decide what they look like and where they live. You can make up a house in your imagination for them. You also have to decide where to keep them when you aren't using them.
Step 3: Make as many as you like. It could be 1, it could be 2, or as many as you like.
Good luck and make sure you follow these steps!